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Our Mission

Emerald Management Group exists to provide ethical, pragmatic, simple, cost-effective and practical solutions to our clients most difficult and pressing problems in multiple disciplines.
Emerald management group is a management consulting firm headquartered in Delhi with offices in London and Dubai founded by a team of like-minded experts who planned to pool together their considerable proven expertise in multiple sectors to be able to provide bespoke and original solutions to our clients and customers to enable them achieve rapid success in their sales and desired objectives.
Our team is our biggest asset, and our core team includes diverse array of proven consultants from 4 continents with MBA's and PHD's as well as extremely promising young talent from some of the world's leading universities

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The differentiation of our brand is very important to us. We will therefore work tirelessly to treat every business we work
with great service, respect, empathy and compassion, in the process creating tailor-made successful and sustainable results.


We will work openly with our clients from start to finish, with clear cut and simple to understand
practical solutions, but maintaining confidentiality according to our clients' requirements.


We treat each of our clients with the respect, attention and time they
deserve irrespective of sector, domain, size or location.


We will differentiate ourselves by our
trustworthiness and commitment to the
highest financial, ethical and satiable

Our Expertise

Due to the broad and diverse profile of our consultants and partners, we are able to offer a wide range of expertise across
many sectors. Our team has a combined 100 years of experience across all of the sectors below:

Domain Expertise

Analytics &

  • Market Segments Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Designing Research Instruments
  • Report Preparation


  • Market entry & exit strategies
  • Ascertaining Market Size
  • Industry Profiles
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Company & Product profiles
  • Findings and recommendations


  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Overview
  • Business Model
  • Marketing and sales strategy

Government and
Public Sector

  • Economic and social planning
  • Trade strategy and facilitation
  • Government efficiency and fiscal reform
  • Public sector ICT and e-government

Financial Advisory
& Risk Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Control


  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Background Checks

Sector Expertise

Banks & Financial Institutions
Food & Beverage
International Trade
Real Estate
Luxury Products & Services
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare


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